New York College: School of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

The FILM STUDIES department three-year program is University level in collaboration with the UNIVERSITY OF GREENWICH in London. I have been a faculty member since its establishment in 2001.  

I  am the main supervisor on  PhD and MPhil thesis research work in Cinema Studies. I aim to cultivate students critical thinking on systems of communication in cinema and to bring new insights to this "new"art form. Scope is for students to locate both constructional elements as well as theoretical in cinema and guide their research in a manner that can be practically applied to their work.  

In my various film courses in the three year Bachelor in Cinema Studies program I combine theory and practice leading to experimenting on video vignettes in order for students to gain a methodology in expression in the language of cinema. 

I have been awarded BEST PROFESSOR in all the College based on students votes!