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Christmas Anti-fable

An allegorical film where 3 scientist are called to save a dying speicies living under the earth utilizing a new procedure - the transformation of a human. This Sci -fi tale in a film noir background has received numerous international awards.

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Shores of Twilight

A lovestruck man terribly pained from his addiction with a woman he only sees from afar runs off on a boat and connects with the misfits on the outskirt of the island.

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In an Orwellian world entrapped by a confining wall, two new guards are appointed to prevent anyone from going over. Thoughts of the other side enter the new guards' mind.

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Rhythm and Perfection at the Acropolis

A commercial architect starts up a love interest in the background of ancient beauty that changes his perspective on art and love.

Heart of Fear

Fixation entrapped in your mind will guide you to wondrous doings. A Psychological thriller based on Edgar Allens Poe A Tell-Tale Heart.

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a love story in a parable. Harmony is disturbed by a strangers devising whisper. The male gaze is challenged in this short visual tale.

Beyond Dream

A woman suffering from her husbands cruelty seeks inner peace. A short film of a dead end story with an improbable solution.


Structures of Life: Wonderment, Fear, Yearning and Contentment

In this experimental short the cinematic language meets architectural models to create an emotional passage.

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A Day Shooting Woman

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