A sci-fi style film with elements of experimental filmmaking. 

Title: "Relics"


"Relics" is a captivating sci-fi short film set in a post-apocalyptic world where a vast wall surrounds and isolates the remaining civilization. The wall serves as a barrier, a group of dedicated guards are tasked with protecting the wall, ensuring that no one ventures beyond its confines.

The story centers around a newly appointed guard who, unlike their peers, becomes increasingly curious about what lies beyond the wall. 

"Relics" ventures beyond the conventional boundaries of storytelling, embracing the realm of experimental filmmaking. Through innovative techniques, the film explores the human experience within a dystopian future, blurring the lines between reality and perception.

Starring: Jeff Kearney, Greg Cornell,  Barry Lynch and Donna Bergdoff

Production: Timage Films (USA)


Golden Eagle Award: Best Film

Mobil Award: third best short film

Paramount Pictures Grant: best short film by a new director.

Seven Awards: Director, Acting, Cinematography, Art Direction, Sound and Best Motion Picture at the “First Run” New York Film Festival


First-run film festival (USA)

Munich International Film Festival (Germany)

International Festival De Tours, Henri Langolis (France),

Gyor Mediawave Visual Arts Festival (Hungary).